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Bonjour Francais



Formed in early 2014 the original band had Kevin Griffiths on Bass, and Nigel Deakin, on drums. First gig was at the 1st Bollocks to Cancer gig, in Worcester on 18th October 2014. The band picked up momentum and and secured some high profile gigs, at Bedlam, and supporting the Delta Bombers, following a few more gigs, both Nigel and Kevin both decided to leave and pursue other musical directions. By late 2015, Nigel had left and Greg Ikin had joined on drums, and his power and drive really tied the band together, by Feb 2016 Kevin had gone as was replaced on Double Bass by Mik Garvey.
Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Chris Martin

Backing Vocals & Double Bass

Mik Garvey

Backing Vocals & Lead Guitar

Marcel The

Backing Vocals & Drums

Greg Ikin

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